Sunflower Oil,Chicken Paws


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Product Specification
1. Products Information
Type: Sunflower Oil
Processing Type: Refined, Crude
Use: Cooking
Packaging: Bulk, Plastic Bottle
Volume: liters
we supply Bulk in flex tanks.

Physical properties
1. Appearance: No residue at 40 deg. C
2. Cold test: Min.48 hours at 0 deg. C
3. Colour: Max.1.2 red, lovibond tintometer 5/20 inch
4. Refractive index:1.465-1.475 at 40 deg. C
5. Density:0.91-0.92 g/cm3 at 20 deg. C
6. Volatile matter: Max.0.07 % at 105 deg. C

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Specification for our Chicken Paw:


Polybag in Carton

Carton Dimensions (LxWxH):

  • 600 x 400 x 110 mm for 900 – 1500 g chickens
  • 600 x 400 x 130 mm for 1600 – 2200 g chickens


HALAL, ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000:2010

Freezing type:


Storage conditions: -18 ̊C and lower

Shelf life: 12 months

Freezing type: IQF
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Health benefits of Chicken feet

There are many health benefits of chicken feet with one being it gives a good, clear complexion. This is because chicken feet contains lots of collagen. Collagen, as you know is the ingredient for youthful-looking skin.

Research done at the Taiwanese University confirmed chicken feet as a good alternative source for collagen. We usually get collagen from bovine, pig and marine fish. But the production cost from these sources is very expensive.

Chicken feet are not only rich in collagen but also a good source of hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Hyaluronic acid is touted as the fountain of youth – it can prevent the effects of aging. Chondroitin sulfate is good for osteoarthritis so it is good for people with joint problems.

What are Collagen and What Are Its Benefits?

Collagen is a protein that acts as a glue that ‘holds our body together’. Its benefits are not only limited to the skin but also for the heart and can even improve athletic performance. Other benefits of taking collagenare:

  • Healthier and younger-looking skin.
  • It is rich in calcium and protein, without the carbohydrates.
  • It improves blood supply by strengthening the blood vessels.
  • Assist the body in metabolizing fats, therefore good for weight loss.
  • Slows the effect of arthritis.
  • Reduce pain and swelling (inflammation).
  • Most collagen, or collagen supplements, are expensive. Why pay so much when you can have a cheap or almost free alternative? Use chicken feet instead.

To enjoy the benefits of collagen in the chicken feet, use it in your soups, broths or in any cooking.

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