Frozen Chicken Feet

Frozen Chicken Feet

We sell Frozen Chicken Feet at very affordable prices. The frozen chicken feet and paws are sourced from top poultry producers with authorized certifications.

Considering our esteemed collaboration with only reputable growers, we are able to source and supply Frozen Chicken Feet in huge quantities and very affordable prices. We Frozen Chicken Paws and different chicken cuts at very affordable prices.

Our ability to export globally, with our main demands coming from Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, we ensure that all birds are grown in farms that meet all ISO, HALAL and other health regulations in place.

These delicacies can be packed in customized boxes / label upon request.

Frozen Chicken Feet (Specifications):
  • No yellow skin
  • No excess blood
  • Blasted at -40 degrees celcius
  • No black pads
  • 11 cm (min) – 15 cm (max) in length
  • Packed in 15 or 20 kg plastic bags / carton box
  • Store at -20 degrees celcius
  • Meet health standards for human consumption
  • Halal certificate, ISO

Feeding on chicken feet might be Unusual for some people; having said that, They can be as tasty as any other food. Our frozen Chicken feet are cost-effective parts you have to appreciate distinctive from other merchandise accessible on the market. Chicken feet are nutritious unlike well known Idea, and also the handy point about them is which you can spice them up with the different recipes readily available for chicken feet.

Chicken feet are sometimes deep-fried, a cooking process which could improve your risk of heart disease and specific cancers. Be aware of their hygiene and little bones when purchasing and taking in them.

A handful of chicken feet go a good distance! For us, within an eight quart Instant Pot batch of stock, We are going to incorporate two to four feet, depending on how many and what varieties of other chicken bones We’ve got on hand. If not, retain every thing else exactly the same.

A whole chicken is one of the least complicated approaches to provide Your loved ones which has a properly-balanced and economical meal. Brazil Chicken’s total chickens are sure to arrive out juicy and delectable and we even choose out the giblets and neck, and that means you don’t have to. Just Cook dinner and pull the meat and you simply’re willing to commence making a delicious recipe.

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