Frozen Pork Feet

Frozen Pork Feet

Frozen pork feet.
Our company offers frozen pork front feet
this product is packed in 10-kilo cartons – fixed net weight 10 kg.
the average length of a front foot – 17-18 cm.
the average weight of one foot – 390-430 g.
Our frozen pork is well treated, inspected by SGS before shipping and comes with Valid Health Certificate.
Packaging in 10kg or 20kg carton boxes , loading 26-27 MT per container.
Our prices are affordable.


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Frozen Pork
Grade A
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Velang LLC supply frozen pork,frozen pork front/hind feet preliminarily cleaned from blood and contaminations and completely satisfy the sanitary requirements to treatment quality.

The freezing of pork feet is made by shock technique up to the bone what gives the opportunity to stock the product in special terms for a long time not to be concerned about the loss of its value qualities.
All products are accompanied by all necessary (including veterinary) documents.

pork front feet average weight 300 -350 gr, length 17-18 cm.
pork hind feet average weight 400-450 gr, length 19-20 cm.

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