Application field: It is the widely used low temperature refrigerant nowadaysWidely used to refrigeration storage,Food refrigerating equipment,Marine refrigerating equipment,Industrial low temperature refrigeration,Commercial Low temperature refrigeration,Refrigerator car,Refrigerating condensing unit, Supermarket display cabinets etc refrigeration equipments.

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Product Description

Appearance Colorless,not turbid
Odor no odor
Purity % = 99.5
Moisture % = 0.001
Acidity (as Hcl) 0.0001
Evaporation residue % = 0.01
Physical properties
Molecular weight 98.86
Boiling point -46.5
Critical temperature 70.98
Critical pressure Mpa 3.72
Solubility in water (25?) % 0.89
Destroy ozone potential (ODP) 0
Global warming coefficient (GWP) 3900